Tea Towels in Moth Wing (Mint Equinox)


SKU: TeaTowel-CottonTwill-18x30-MothWingMintEquinox

What Can't You do with a Tea Towel?

Bring vibrant color to your kitchen or dining room with this one-of-a-kind tea towel.

Construction with 100% cotton twill makes this tea towel a durable and timeless addition to your lineup of must-have kitchen essentials.

Although it’s almost too pretty to use, this tea towel has an ample 18 x 30-inch size that makes it just right for a number of tasks around the home.

Use this tea towel to blot moisture from salad greens, line an empty bread basket, or cushion the bottom of a clear fruit bowl on the counter for a festive presentation.

This thirsty towel has a hemmed edge to keep it from unraveling, adding to its long-lived service life.

Caring for this tea towel is simple and easy; just toss it in the washing machine when the occasion calls for it.

Pick a favorite print to make your towel uniquely yours and add a splash of excitement to mealtime or post-meal cleanup chores. 

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