Cloth Napkins in Bean (GirlyGirl)


SKU: ClothNapkin-CottonTwill-10x10-BeanGirlyGirl

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Impress dinner guests with this fancy cloth napkin that comes in two sizes to meet your needs and make a big impact at your next get-together or dinner party.

Select the 10 x 10-inch size for luncheons and brunches, or go with the larger 22 x 22-inch napkin for setting the dinner table.

Both options are made with cotton twill, a timeless material beloved not just for its durability, but also for its easy care and fuss-free upkeep.

Cotton also makes the napkins easy to fold and a cinch to roll, so creating beautiful place settings is simple and fast.

When the napkins need cleaning, simply toss them into the washing machine.

For added versatility, use a napkin to add a pretty finish to a bread basket or fruit bowl. 

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